Jobs at Stockflare

Our Team

Why Join Us

Interested in shaking up an industry? Banking, in particular. Fascinated by how companies and the stock exchange work? Our mission is to make it simple enough for anyone to understand. Are you a risk-taker? We are a startup, so the ride’s a rollercoaster.

Working @ Stockflare

You don't need a suit, MBA or have worked in Finance to work at Stockflare. We encourage and nurture new ideas and technologies for solving problems, in one of the most data-intensive industries. We are always learning, evolving and never happy with the status quo.

The Benefits

Flexibility. Work from anywhere, whenever you want to. Receive a budget to buy the gear you need. Monthly drinks. Annual Gathering somewhere great. Learn to invest. Develop your own portfolio using the full power of Stockflare's resources.

How to Apply

We prefer that our candidates spend their time helping to fix or improve problems in the greater open source community, rather than completing a rudimentary throw-away technical test.

In-order to apply, show us how you have contributed to the open source community, or pick a frequented Ruby gem or Javascript library that you may have noticed a bug or an ongoing issue for. Then simply contribute towards a solution for the problem. Just get involved!

Afterwards to get your application started, simply email your resume to us, along with a link to the issue that you contributed towards.

We always respond to applications, because its the just right thing to do. Thanks for getting in contact and we hope you’ll love what we do and how we do it. Welcome to Stockflare, a home for people with great ideas.